Temporary storage warehouse operates since 2002 and has three covered ramps, with adjacent territory of about 6000 square meters on which simultaneous placement of cargo vehicles and reception of containers is possible. Automated warehouse management system ensures highly dynamic handling of cargo and allows for effective and easily monitored storage in the temporary storage warehouse.

SVH KAP LLP temporary storage warehouse provides the following types of services for its clients:

  • handling operations (terminal handling);
  • cargo transportation services;
  • customs brokerage services;
  • railroad siding services;
  • receipt of cargo by the railroad transport under PD and domestic transportation.

SVH KAP LLP temporary storage warehouse is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center, namely 49a Bokeykhanov (Aerodromnaya) Street at Ryskulova Street, which facilitates the convenience of cargo delivery to the temporary storage warehouse by motor transport. Security on the territory is provided by the special security force.