KTZ talks about the possibilities of rail transportation in the exhibition «Transit-Kazakhstan 2013»


September 25, 2013

At the booth of JSC «NC „KTZ“ there are all the key subsidiaries of the company in the field of transit and logistics: JSC „Kaztemirtrans“,»Kedentransservice ", "Kaztransservice ", «KTZ Express». The specialists of these companies have created a convenient advisory platform for clients.

Opening of Transit-Kazakhstan exhibition in 2013 was held with the participation of the vice president of JSC "NC «KTZ» for Logistics Kanat Alpysbayev. In his speech at the opening ceremony he emphasized that the exhibition "Transit-Kazakhstan 2013” is an annual business platform for representatives of the transport sector, where we discuss the most pressing problems and prospects of development of new forms of interaction between different modes of transport, the promotion of logistics issues in the global market of freight logistics services. On behalf of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev initiated a purposeful activity to revive the Silk Road, where KTZ plays the role of integrator of transport services linking into a single service. On the basis of JSC "NC «KTZ» multimodal company was created. It aims increasing export and transit potential of Kazakhstan, development of contract logistics, development of new routes for the transportation of goods between Asia and Europe. In conclusion K. Alpysbayev said that the interim results of logistic and transit projects will be announced in November 2013 in Astana at «New Silk Road» forum.

Immediately after the opening of the exhibition «Transit-Kazakhstan», representatives of the group of companies of JSC «NC „KTZ“ started working on the presentation of services for transportation and logistics services. During the two days of the exhibition about 30 meetings were held with the major players in the market of transport services as well as with representatives of foreign railway administrations.

On the first day Kanat Alpysbayev signed an agreement of intention with the Government of the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. In addition, the leadership of the railway administrations of Kazakhstan took part in the anniversary event of Latvian Railways „10 years to the train“Baltika-Transit.»

It must be emphasized that local companies are the basis of the exhibition «Transit-Kazakhstan 2013» and occupy 51% of the exposure. Rail infrastructure is also presented by national operators of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia.

Section of maritime transport in the exhibition is presented by Aktau, Ventspils, Liepaja and Riga Commercial Port.

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